Category: white supremacy

May 8, 2019 Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

It’s time to talk about reparations

The idea of reparations are back in the news with the 2020 Democratic candidates, raising the issue of offering some form of payment to black Americans for the horrors inflicted […]

White rage: What is it leading to and where will it end?

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

Ever since the 2016 presidential election, there have been countless articles, theories, and commentators dissecting it. A level of white dissatisfaction, and, yes, even white rage, played a role in […]

The Attack on a Muslim Mosque Mirrors Other Hate Crimes

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

I’ve been pretty wrecked most of March as I read about the mass shooting in New Zealand.    The man arrested for carrying out the mosque attacks in what has […]

Coming to Terms with Privilege in the Face of White Supremacy

Elizabeth Poulos

In the wake of Unite the Right II, I have been surprised by the reactions of some media pundits who feign surprised reactions by white nationalists taking to the streets […]

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