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July 2, 2019 Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

Resist normalizing violence in any form

Riley Howell and  Kendrick Castillo are heroes, yes. They are martyrs too. They are also victims. On April 30,  a lone gunman entered a campus building at the University of […]

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Out on the Town: Paying Our Restaurant Workers (A Living Wage: Episode 3)

Catherine Bugayong

Going out is such a special treat, and it’s a whole team of people that make this experience so enjoyable. In this episode of “A Living Wage,” I hit the […]

Advocacy Network Holds Presidential Candidates Accountable to Bold Immigration Solutions

Sophie Maisterra Navratil

Earlier this summer, FIRM Action, Community Change Action, and CHIRLA Action Fund hosted the Unity and Freedom Presidential Forum to elevate the voices of immigrants and engage presidential candidates in […]

Resist normalizing violence in any form

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

Riley Howell and  Kendrick Castillo are heroes, yes. They are martyrs too. They are also victims. On April 30,  a lone gunman entered a campus building at the University of […]

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Hunger in America Deprives Everyone in America

There is a tradition in fairytales and various old fashioned yarns which I’ve seen over the years that a hungry person will dream of lavish meals, roast beef and mutton, […]

On Motherhood and Movement Work: Women leaders approach both with ferocity and love

As I sat on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for a retreat with fellow immigrant rights leaders from the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), I couldn’t help but be […]

It’s time to talk about reparations

The idea of reparations are back in the news with the 2020 Democratic candidates, raising the issue of offering some form of payment to black Americans for the horrors inflicted […]

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Why progressives need to mobilize against Trump’s Supreme Court pick

Donald Trump selected a clear partisan as his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy who announced his resignation at the end of the Supreme Court’s term. Federal appeals court judge […]

by Nadia Eldemerdash 3608 Views
Proposed Work Requirements Rule for SNAP Could Harm Those Already Facing Hunger

Implementing strict work requirements for safety net programs—particularly the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—has been a recurring goal for many GOP leaders and the Trump administration. Concerned observers breathed a […]

by Bobbi Dempsey 3317 Views
Why Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is an American Hero

If I ever have a daughter, I am going to tell her about the patriotism and heroism of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And if I ever have a daughter, I […]

by Mikka Macdonald 2710 Views
In Alaska, Changes To Snap Could Spell Disaster

This piece was Co-published with Civil Eats Sarah was born in the Alaskan village of Utqiagvik (formerly known as Barrow) and she spent a good portion of her youth there. […]

by Jody Ellis 2708 Views
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Waking Up to an Ambien Nightmare – Residuum, Episode 3

In contrast to our usual reporting on the impact of police homicide, this piece is narrated by Terry Rogaczewski, who survived a police shooting gone wrong. After Las Vegas Metropolitan […]

Flint teen Keishaun Wade on voting for the first time

Keishaun Wade, 18, of Flint is thrilled to be able to vote Nov. 6. The way he sees it, it’s a way of creating the kind of leadership and decision-making […]

Was it worse in the ’60s or now? “Now,” says Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda comes to Flint Actress and longtime activist Jane Fonda came to Southwestern Classical Academy in Flint recently to urge voters to take action. That city’s water woes have […]

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