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November 6, 2018 Dorian Warren

A political revolution is happening that will bring more Latino, black, women and young people out to vote

We are deep into the political horse race season. Everyone is asking: Who’s pulling ahead? Who’s trailing? What’s the margin of error? Seems like every day there are new and […]

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Voices of Everyday Leaders

Tomicka Robinson

Roquesha Oneal is an everyday leader, a woman of fortitude and generosity. She resides in Detroit with her 15-year-old child with a disability and enjoys visits with her two adult […]

Voices of Everyday Leaders

Willie Francois

Cutting “Food Stamps” is Child Abuse Every Sunday Jose “Frankie” Benjamin-Nay, an 18-year old Puerto Rican-American, darkens the doors of Mount Zion Baptist Church to provide technical support for the […]

In the midterm elections voters sent a message: Affordable health care is a right

Mikka Macdonald

Among the many takeaways from the 2018 midterm elections is the irrefutable fact that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. Americans from red states and blue states used […]

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What Apple’s $1 trillion value means for working people

Last Thursday, it was reported that the wealth of tech-giant Apple had surpassed every other publically traded American firm, setting the record at $1 trillion in value. Many applauded the […]

Immigrants, not France, are the real World Cup winners

After weeks of suspense, France emerged the winner of the World Cup with a resounding 4-2 victory over Croatia. What is clear to anybody who watched the tournament from the […]

Travel bans enduring hostility toward Muslims

This piece was originally published in the Orlando Sentinel. When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban, imposing travel restrictions on several predominantly Muslim-majority countries, it affected many people in our […]

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In Alaska, Changes To Snap Could Spell Disaster

This piece was Co-published with Civil Eats Sarah was born in the Alaskan village of Utqiagvik (formerly known as Barrow) and she spent a good portion of her youth there. […]

by Jody Ellis 2430 Views
Returning to Life Outside Prison—Without Food on the Table

This piece was co-published with Civil Eats Calvin* anticipates walking out of a New Jersey prison next month, hopefully for the last time, eager to live out his responsibilities as […]

by Willie Francois 1988 Views
Why progressives need to mobilize against Trump’s Supreme Court pick

Donald Trump selected a clear partisan as his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy who announced his resignation at the end of the Supreme Court’s term. Federal appeals court judge […]

by Nadia Eldemerdash 1764 Views
Out of Time: Work Requirements and College Life

Almost one in eight Americans live under the discriminating tyranny of food insecurity. Bureaucratic hurdles to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—formerly known as food stamps—stunt the strides of hardworking […]

by Willie Francois 1091 Views
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Flint teen Keishaun Wade on voting for the first time

Keishaun Wade, 18, of Flint is thrilled to be able to vote Nov. 6. The way he sees it, it’s a way of creating the kind of leadership and decision-making […]

Was it worse in the ’60s or now? “Now,” says Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda comes to Flint Actress and longtime activist Jane Fonda came to Southwestern Classical Academy in Flint recently to urge voters to take action. That city’s water woes have […]

Non-Negotiable—What’s At Stake for Black Women?

With 31% of African American women, ages 15-41, currently enrolled in Medicaid, the need for stable healthcare is non-negotiable.

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