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July 1, 2020 Grecia Lima

Kentucky has a high-profile stake this November with McConnell, known for obstruction of safety net programs, protecting Trump’s racist policies

The deep red state of Kentucky has a high-profile stake this November with Amy McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot who nabbed the Democratic nomination, and the reelection campaign of […]

We need Presidential candidates to detail their commitment to achieving quality, affordable and culturally relevant child care for all families

Danielle Atkinson

Trending with the hashtag #WhatMamasWant, hundreds of mothers in Michigan organized a forum on issues that impact their lives and then gathered to watch the two-day Democratic presidential debates in […]

Texas will turn blue this decade

Grecia Lima

Another Republican member of Congress announced their plans to vacate their seat, reinforcing what we know: Texas is a swing state. Thanks to a renewal of the long-held tradition of […]

2020 – the 100th anniversary of the first vote for gender equality – will be the year of women.

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

The old saw, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times” may apply to the status of  women in America — their gains, their travails, their […]

Our Vote is Our Power: A Brief History of Voting Rights in America

Mikka Macdonald

The United States’ history of voting rights is full of contradictions and marks some of our highest aspirations and greatest injustices. It is a winding story of a democratic nation […]

Here’s why America is talking about Universal Child Care

Marisol Bello

This week, Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plan for Universal Child Care, signaling its place atop the national political agenda. In it, she details the difficulties of finding affordable and […]

In the midterm elections voters sent a message: Affordable health care is a right

Mikka Macdonald

Among the many takeaways from the 2018 midterm elections is the irrefutable fact that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. Americans from red states and blue states used […]

A political revolution is happening that will bring more Latino, black, women and young people out to vote

Dorian Warren

We are deep into the political horse race season. Everyone is asking: Who’s pulling ahead? Who’s trailing? What’s the margin of error? Seems like every day there are new and […]

Will Latino’s Turnout to Vote This Year?

Thomas Kennedy

With only days left until the midterm election is finally over, one question lingers in the minds of Democratic operatives working in battleground states across the country. Will Latino turnout […]

They didn’t vote in the primaries, but with Gillum, they are now inspired to vote

Topacio Marrero

There has been much excitement in the state of Florida involving the 2018 primaries and its candidates. For example, in Broward County, it was estimated more than 23.5 percent of […]

Climate Voters Ready to Vote in November

Laura Munoz

As a young child living in Colombia I lived through an earthquake. I am thankful to have been far from the epicenter of the shake in a well constructed structure, […]

The Most Important Election Of Your Life

Thomas Kennedy

This piece originally published in Every election it seems like we are told that it’s the most important election of our lifetime. We as voters hear this line so […]

Kavanaugh Is Yet Another Way Trump Is Attacking Women

Elizabeth Fernandez

Trump told us how he felt about women years before he was ever elected. We are just things to “grab.” According to him, “you can do anything” to us. In […]

In full force ahead of Florida primaries

Melissa Taveras

“I’m supposed to be in my bed today because I’ve been working hard the whole week, but instead I’m here because I need to let my neighbors, coworkers, families know […]

Use your right to vote to put people in office that have our best interest in mind

Maliha Kareem

Young people are organized and highly motivated to make a difference this year towards an inclusive Florida. Students like Brandon Dasent are changing the political landscape. Although Dasent won’t be […]

Eager to vote for the first time

Laura Munoz

Voting is a rewarding experience and we are uniting first time voters this November to uplift our communities. You have the duty of electing people who will be representing you […]

Young voters in Florida state why they are voting this November

Elizabeth Fernandez

I’m speaking to voters at a candidate forum for young voters in Miami on why the November 2018 elections matter to them. Check them out. Be inspired. Let’s unite the […]

Florida voters gather at Netroots Nation to unite the vote

Elizabeth Fernandez

I’m at Netroots Nation along with hundreds of political activists who are passionate about creating stronger communities for all. I took this opportunity to ask my fellow activists from Florida […]

Florida voters share concerns on the future of the Supreme Court

Laura Munoz

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy recently announced that he will be retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest tribunal in the nation that rules on equal justice under law and […]

Make the right choice this November, Florida

Thomas Kennedy

Florida has long been a bastion of conservative politics, but it has not always been this way. Since gaining statehood in 1845, Florida had voted for the most part Democratic. […]

Voting let me reclaim my voice when I needed it most

Nadia Eldemerdash

In some ways, it was harder for me to believe that Barack Obama would get reelected than it was to believe that he was elected the first time. Surely, four […]

Floridians tell us what matters to them and why the candidates for governor should care

Laura Munoz

Florida voters will have a critical choice to make in November. For two decades, Florida has had a Republican governor with disastrous results for Floridians. Today, 3.3 million households – […]

Don’t know what the county assessor does? Here’s a primer for the little known elected positions in Nevada.

Nadia Eldemerdash

As voters in a democratic country, it is crucial that we make educated decisions about who we put in office and the ballot measures we pass. Researching names is straightforward […]

Education, environment, and everything in between: Democratic Gubernatorial candidates talk politics in 2018

Nadia Eldemerdash

Nevada’s primary elections are four short weeks away, and this year sees two Democratic candidates stepping up to the plate. Steve Sisolak, a local businessman and Clark County Commission chairman, […]

Elections are tight; margins are slim. That’s why the Asian American vote matters.

Karl Catarata

Las Vegas – The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) population in the United States is often forgotten about, underrepresented in politics, and often thought of as a minority group that […]

We need people of color to vote: Here’s how.

Thomas Kennedy

Voting is the most basic and important right an individual has in a democracy. As voters, we elect people to represent our communities and if a majority of voters do […]

Reno: Do we want to be the new Silicon Valley?

Cassandra Little

Last month, I went to San Francisco with a group of friends to see a musical. While the play was fantastic, and we had a great time, I left feeling […]

Saving Nevada’s water from climate change impact: Eldemerdash

Nadia Eldemerdash

The piece was published originally in the Reno Gazette Journal. Living in the desert, water is always on our minds – how to stay hydrated, how to manage it and […]

What’s Next for the March for Our Lives Movement?

Karl Catarata

Exactly one month ago, the world watched as Americans took to the streets to march for their lives and demand that legislators enact common sense gun reform. Sparked by youth […]

Representation, diversity, and the district

Nadia Eldemerdash

Yvanna Cancela talks about her run for State Senate By Nadia Eldemerdash In some ways, it was serendipity that brought 30-year-old Yvanna Cancela to the Nevada State Senate in 2016. […]

Caring for our loved ones is a key issue in this year’s elections in Michigan

Mike Griffin

This November, Michigan has a critical choice to make for the future of families struggling to get by. Attacks on immigrants, a lack of good paying jobs and the exploding […]

Jim Crow lives in Nevada’s elections

Cassandra Little

Several weeks ago, a gentleman came to a Progressive Leadership Alliance Nevada (PLAN) meeting and asked for help restoring his right to vote. After 12 years, he was now eligible, […]

Alabama Is The Perfect Test Case For Empowering Black And Brown Voters

Thomas Kennedy

Democrat Doug Jones managed to accomplish last week what conventional wisdom thought impossible when he defeated the GOP candidate Roy Moore, an alleged pedophile and bigot, to become the next […]

How You Can Help Stop Voter Suppression in Florida

Thomas Kennedy

Last year, I became a United States citizen and a registered voter after living as an undocumented immigrant in this country for more than a decade. I was born in […]

Florida Special Election Shows Voters Reject Trump’s Politics Of Hate

Thomas Kennedy

In April, state Senator Frank Artiles resigned from his seat in Florida’s recently redistricted Senate District 40, after directing racist remarks against fellow lawmakers in a drunken tirade. This was […]

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