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October 15, 2019 Mikka Macdonald

We Must Treat Climate Change as a Racial Justice Issue

The climate is warming—and Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian American communities continue to bear an outsized share of the burden caused by global warming. The regions with the most cancer-related […]

Puerto Ricans Fleeing Island May Change Florida’s Political Landscape

Maliha Kareem

Florida is home to over 1.13 million Boricuas, 70% of whom tend to vote Democrat. This is why coming November, Boricuas who previously lived on the island but were unable […]

Climate Voters Ready to Vote in November

Laura Munoz

As a young child living in Colombia I lived through an earthquake. I am thankful to have been far from the epicenter of the shake in a well constructed structure, […]

Voting to Make Florida’s Environment a Priority

Maliha Kareem

Water is life.  And in many ways, it is what defines Florida. As a first generation American whose family came from Iraq, a nation with critical environment-related threats to human […]

Young voters in Florida state why they are voting this November

Elizabeth Fernandez

I’m speaking to voters at a candidate forum for young voters in Miami on why the November 2018 elections matter to them. Check them out. Be inspired. Let’s unite the […]

Florida voters gather at Netroots Nation to unite the vote

Elizabeth Fernandez

I’m at Netroots Nation along with hundreds of political activists who are passionate about creating stronger communities for all. I took this opportunity to ask my fellow activists from Florida […]

Saving Nevada’s water from climate change impact: Eldemerdash

Nadia Eldemerdash

The piece was published originally in the Reno Gazette Journal. Living in the desert, water is always on our minds – how to stay hydrated, how to manage it and […]

The Dismantling of the EPA Should Really Worry People of Color

Wendi C. Thomas

It matters because so many of us often live near toxic facilities

Preserving the People’s Lakes

Fred McKissack Jr.

Slashing EPA initiative is shortsighted and dangerous

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