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July 8, 2021 Domenica Ghanem

The Pandemic Cost Him Everything. But the Child Tax Credit Is Giving His Family Hope.

Phil came to the U.S. in search of opportunity, but when COVID-19 hit he lost his job, immigration status, and health care when he needed it the most. Name has […]

No One Should Have to Choose Between Their Home or Their Health

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

No thinker, philosopher or theologian can tell you whether sickness or homelessness is more frightening. With the onset of the pandemic, millions of Americans have now experienced the fear of […]

Families are hurting, pass a second stimulus bill now

Emily Withnall

My oldest teen got sick with Covid-19 at the end of June, and I contracted it shortly afterwards.  I’ve been sick for three months now and the fatigue, pain, and […]

In all my COVID-19 planning that one thing I couldn’t prepare for: not being able to see my son for whom I share joint custody

Sharisse Tracey

When I prepared for the coronavirus in the early weeks of March, stocking up on disinfectant items, cleaning supplies, disposable masks and gloves at my local club warehouse, a week […]

The Disposable Industries: Calls to Reopen the Economy Ask Workers to Put their Health At Risk

Stephanie Land

Back in my early 20s, I proudly wore the job title of “coffee girl.” I had five years of experience by the time I was 22, working full-time at a […]

Black Americans story with COVID-19 is no different

Community Change Action

By Ponsella Hardaway, Executive Director for MOSES Action, and Dr. Seft Hunter, Director of Black Led Organizing for Community Change Action Black Americans have historically been disproportionately impacted by chronic […]

On Movember, let’s address the need of creating safe spaces for men

Michael Jackson

I’m a man who painstakingly attends to my mental health every day. This isn’t because I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder when I was 31 years old. A condition […]

Black Mothers Shouldn’t Have to Risk Death to Start A Family

Mikka Macdonald

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a study concluding that the rate of maternal mortality for mothers of color is rising — and that pregnant people […]

Uninsured and afraid

Sharisse Tracey

Other than the time when I was a young bride expecting my first child, I’ve had health insurance. Back then, my job as a receptionist didn’t offer coverage nor did […]

In the midterm elections voters sent a message: Affordable health care is a right

Mikka Macdonald

Among the many takeaways from the 2018 midterm elections is the irrefutable fact that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. Americans from red states and blue states used […]

Underserved communities find no relief as water rates increase

Jiquanda Johnson

Tia Simpson stood in front of nearly 40 journalists pleading her case for clean and affordable water. The 34-year-old Flint resident endured the aftermath of being exposed to the city’s […]

The hourly reality of life on a ‘living wage’

Catherine Bugayong

I am one of the 7.6 million Americans who has to work multiple jobs. I work three jobs so that I can meet my living expenses, pay bills, have health […]

Hay que Votar por Nuestra Salud

Elizabeth Nazarett

Vivir diez años sin poder tener un seguro de salud fue realmente difícil. Durante ese tiempo, y como madre soltera con un salario modesto, debí escoger entre darle techo y […]

Florida voters share concerns on the future of the Supreme Court

Laura Munoz

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy recently announced that he will be retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest tribunal in the nation that rules on equal justice under law and […]

Representation, diversity, and the district

Nadia Eldemerdash

Yvanna Cancela talks about her run for State Senate By Nadia Eldemerdash In some ways, it was serendipity that brought 30-year-old Yvanna Cancela to the Nevada State Senate in 2016. […]

When the last measures of security are under attack, it’s time to organize and amplify.

Cristina Rayas

The aftermath of the 2016 Election was an opportunity for lawmakers to take aim at the safety net programs in the United States, putting profits over people.

Putting Families First: The Movement for Child Care and Early Learning

Cristina Rayas

Let’s put families first – with the voices of parents, child care givers, and organizers, we will strengthen the power of our communities, and give the most vulnerable members of our society a chance to thrive.

Going Against the Healthcare Insanity of the GOP Was the Only Option Out There

Thomas Kennedy

This article originally appeared on Latino Rebels. Is there a more fitting metaphor for the plight of our current political climate than Republicans pushing a vote to take away healthcare from millions […]

Medicaid Is Not An Entitlement For The Poor But A Gateway For Health And Sustainability

Sharisse Tracey

This article originally appeared on the Huffington Post. Although for now, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has escaped the wrath of Republicans, they are still intent on making good on […]

Senate health care bill would pull the lifeline of the chronically ill

Stephanie Land

This article originally appeared in the Missoulian. Jamison Hill hasn’t been able to get out of bed in two and a half years. For 18 months, Jamison was too sick […]

Americans Pay The Price When Our Political Institutions Erode

Thomas Kennedy

This article first appeared on the Huffington Post. It is said that compromise is the cornerstone of democracy. If that is indeed the case, American democracy is seriously faltering. The […]

As Medicaid Cuts Loom, Disability Advocates Fear the Worst

Micaela Watts

This article originally appeared on MLK50. For low-income people with disabilities, a straightforward mission like finding the right wheelchair can be a long-fought battle. More complex needs, such as acquiring […]

GOP Lawmakers Could Not Be Bothered To Read Their Own Health Care Bill

Thomas Kennedy

Seriously? They voted on a bill that would hurt 24 million Americans, but that they never actually read?

Affordable Health Care Repeal: Or How To Steal From The Poor And Give To The Rich

Thomas Kennedy

I know what lack of health care can do to a family in need. About two years ago, my undocumented father was suffering from a form of degenerative arthritis which […]

Trump Voters and I Have One Thing in Common: We’re Scared of Losing Medicaid

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

I recently read about a county in Kentucky that is typical of the kinds of depressed white communities that have dominated the news since Trump’s election. Owsley County is 83 […]

Report: Increasing Minimum Wage Saves Lives

Fred McKissack Jr.

Tuesday’s “Day of Disruption” walkout by thousands of low-income workers underscores that the Fight for $15 movement is undeterred by the change of administration. Earlier this month, voters approved minimum-wage […]

Out of Homelessness, A Mom Turns Advocate

Fred McKissack Jr.

Originally published on Rooflines, a Shelterforce blog. Jenean F. and her husband worked hard to achieve the increasingly elusive American Dream. She was a stay at home mom and he […]

Give A Care! Campaign Celebrating Caregivers Launched Today

Donna DeLaCruz

Website, Video Shows Importance of Caregivers, Why They Deserve Support For Immediate Release: August 8, 2012 Contact: Donna De La Cruz, 202-339-9331, [email protected] (WASHINGTON)—Single parents, adults caring for sick children […]

Caregiving: One Family’s Story

Ashley Ferguson

I come from a large extended family that steps up when one of us needs help. When my grandmother had a stroke and my great aunt began losing her sight, […]

One of the 2.5 Million

Ayanna Albertson

Before I started writing for the blog here, I was another out-of-work, recent college graduate, like so many of my friends. My brother had graduated three years before me and, […]

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