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Voices Of Everyday Leaders

by Maya Boddie

…includes building Black and immigrant power, creating an electoral powerhouse, establishing a governing agenda (which includes childcare, income support, and immigration policies), and reinventing community organizing. SPACEs in Action, WVHKF,…

Our Vote is Our Power: A Brief History of Voting Rights in America

by Mikka Macdonald

…voting power in the courts. We are in a moment for powerful, big ideas and we should fight for extended early voting laws so that more people have more opportunities…

Our Vote is Our Power: Why Every Voter Matters

by Mikka Macdonald

…in power. When we turn out, we have power to ensure our representatives are are beholden to all of us rather than a powerful few. But too often, elections in…

Hollywood empowerment: From Coco to Black Panther to Crazy Rich Asians

by Karl Catarata

…elders and society. Eventually, Miguel escapes and discover his personal power (Spoiler alert: It was his family all along!). This movie was more than a depiction of a young Latinx…

Police Already Have Broad Powers to Detain Us; And the Supreme Court Gave Them Even More

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

…next day after being stopped for a busted tail light. Racism and power converge during a police stop, and the racist misuse of police power is (all too obviously) rampant….

Our vote is our power

by Mikka Macdonald

Representative John Lewis once said, “The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.” Every day, communities…

Three Years after Trayvon: Power Built from Tragedy

by Chris Dasan Ahanu Massenburg

…United We Dream and others have been working in collaboration to build movement and power for youth of color. Sadly, our country’s long history of police violence did not end…

The Power of the Green New Deal

by Mikka Macdonald

…majority, and create a stronger, more inclusive country. I want the image of a young, not completely white, woman to be an image of power and success. What I am…

Transforming Pain into Power a Year After a Mass Raid

by Isaias G

…building that helped to translate their pain into power. We created exercises to transform trauma and were able to channel the anger towards a very simple question: Who made it…

Between Starshine and Clay: Power 50 leads women of color to turn big dreams into real change

by Cristina Rayas

…need to stay rooted in their authentic vision? Power 50 is a Community Change leadership program set out to provide women of color already steeped in basic leadership, organizing and…

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