Between Starshine and Clay: Power 50 leads women of color to turn big dreams into real change

by Cristina Rayas | June 12, 2019 8:50 pm

Women of color are bringing bold, visionary leadership in greater numbers and with greater visibility, just look at the 116th Congress! Sadly, whether in Congress or within organizations their leadership is not widely embraced – far from it. The ideas of these women of color are often picked apart, their tone is policed, and in the very worst scenarios, their very lives are threatened for standing up for their communities and for the ideals that ushered them into leadership. How can these visionaries and movement builders find the support they need to stay rooted in their authentic vision?

Power 50 is a Community Change leadership program set out to provide women of color already steeped in basic leadership, organizing and management skills, with deep grounding to stay the course of their convictions despite resistance from outside and, at times, within their own ranks. These women are the leaders the progressive movement needs right now to achieve its lofty goals of building an America where everyone can thrive.

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