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Biden: Fulfill Your Promise on Child Care

by Sharisse Tracey

…can do is continue to fight for our children by changing our child care culture. When employers invest and child care is treated like a public utility change will happen.”…

Americans Are Ready to Make Housing for All a Reality

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

…right and demand a change. It’ll be our promise to future generations that we hold value and deserve dignity.   Darryl Lorenzo Wellington is a Communications Fellow at Community Change

How the murder of George Floyd has given rebirth to our nation

by Sharisse Tracey

…From the look and sounds of the protesters, I don’t think this public outcry for change will stop anytime soon. Change is never easy but in most cases it is…

This year, be a child care voter, our future depends on it

by Sharisse Tracey

change. Somewhere along the line we learned that child care was our individual cross to bear and in fact it is upon all of us to effect change. That’s why…

The time is now to raise the minimum wage

by Sharisse Tracey

…must also remember that change is needed and possible everywhere so every able bodied must do their part in their local communities as well as on the state and national…

I vote

by Emily Withnall

…want to change that. I vote because our jails are disproportionately filled with people of color and indigenous people. I vote because our jails are filled with people who haven’t…

End the militarization of police and use of force against people, just like Barr wrongly did

by Community Change Action

…Gray. All Black individuals who were assassinated by police forces without consequences. Community Change was born into the heartbreak that followed the death of Kennedy as his living legacy to…

Six Issues We Expect the Candidates to Address During the First Presidential Debate

by Maya Boddie

…specifically for children of color. Organizations, such as Community Change, are building a national movement that is fighting to make child care both accessible and affordable. Parents and providers need…

Introducing The Flag of US

by Sharisse Tracey

…us the fraction of 3/5 woman and 3/5 man? We changed the flag so we all can stand proud as equal women and men. Our new source of pride when…

Let’s Keep Each Other Safe by Banding Together for a National Day of Action, Oct. 22

by Nissa Tzun

…from achieving justice in their cases. They will also continue to petition for a series of changes they organized for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), Nevada police, and…

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