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Americans Are Ready to Make Housing for All a Reality

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

…it altogether is the 21st century American way. It’s no wonder that eight of every 10 adults agree that housing insecurity is a national crisis. Six in 10 Americans say…

“They’re killing me. I can’t breathe.”

by Sharisse Tracey

In Trump’s great America, white pandemic protestors flood state capitols to be awed by the media and left alone by the police. At the same time African Americans are fighting…

Introducing The Flag of US

by Sharisse Tracey

…one that would really make America great. A truly united flag with every shade of color and swag, that would represent all of us Americans want to boast and brag….

Afro-Dominicans Dismantling Anti-Blackness

by Topacio Marrero

America don’t feel seen within the Latinx community. We feel as if there isn’t a true understanding that we exist and that we are Black Lives or Vidas Negras and…

The Lynching Era Still Isn’t Over

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

Lorie Shaull / Flickr Black Americans have been fighting lynching for over a century. In 1917, ten thousand African Americans organized by the NAACP marched in the Negro Silent Protest…

How the murder of George Floyd has given rebirth to our nation

by Sharisse Tracey

…For the first time, in my almost 50 years, I believe that all Americans are being heard and therefore represented as a result of Mr. Floyd’s brutal murder. When he…

Families are hungry now, extending SNAP is critical to face food insecurity

by Sharisse Tracey

While Congress staggers and debates what and when the next stimulus package will be for Americans, people are hungry. With unemployment rates hovering at 8.4% in August 2020 and the…

End the militarization of police and use of force against people, just like Barr wrongly did

by Community Change Action

…events alike. Barr used military action to threaten Americans and now, more than ever, we must remember and wholeheartedly embrace the civil rights legacy of a man who held the…

This past weekend, New Yorkers organized for more investment on child care, at least $50 billion

by Sharisse Tracey

…and our coalition will continue to ensure early childhood education and child care is no longer invisible,” stated Farrell. As parents in America, we know this too well: O ur…

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