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Biden: Fulfill Your Promise on Child Care

by Sharisse Tracey

…care for their children. These parents can’t be expected to report to work without affordable, reliable, safe, dependable and much needed childcare. Most of us know that the new Biden-Harris…

Give California children their voter approved money now

by Sharisse Tracey

…Voices Action, a parent-led and Oakland-based child care advocacy and power-building organization that spearheaded the campaign. With nearly $100 million already lost for Alameda County kids, parents, workers and childcare

Former Community Change Taconic Distinguished Fellow Sophia Bracy Harris Embarks on a New Journey with her Soon-to-be Published Memoir

by Sophia Bracy Harris

…gone on to lead a statewide organization representing the interest of more than 300 childcare providers, traveled internationally to raise my voice on women’s equality, been named a MacArthur Genius,…

This past weekend, New Yorkers organized for more investment on child care, at least $50 billion

by Sharisse Tracey

…child care providers. The answer for me was simple, had I not had access to early childcare for my children I would have not been able to work, period. #NoChildcareNoWork…

The Pandemic Cost Him Everything. But the Child Tax Credit Is Giving His Family Hope.

by Domenica Ghanem

…for Uber. As an Uber driver Phil earns nearly 50 percent less working up to 50 hours per week while also taking responsibility for the childcare while his wife works….

Six Issues We Expect the Candidates to Address During the First Presidential Debate

by Maya Boddie

…that child care providers are income drivers for our country and should be compensated fairly. Now that we’ve seen the impact of the pandemic on the livelihood of both childcare

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