When their lives cannot be held in our hands, artist tributes carry the stories beyond the loss of our loved ones

by Nissa Tzun | April 6, 2021 2:27 pm

“Water Slipping Through Our Fingers” showcases the personal stories of those directly impacted by police violence in Las Vegas, Nevada. The intention was to create a space to memorialize their loss, express their pain, and provide a chance for the community to learn of these real stories from the sources closest to the experience.

By telling the stories of the loved ones taken from us too soon, we can keep building strength and leadership in this movement for safer communities for all of us. The Forced Trajectory Project, Desert Arts Action Coalition and Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas collaborated for months to create the exhibition, which can be experienced at ForcedTrajectory.com.

Video by Communications Fellow Nissa Tzun.


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