Hear Us Now

by Jamal Meneide | January 30, 2020 4:40 pm

We are powerful, especially when united together. Ahead of Black History Month and the 2020 elections, Community Change Communications Fellows Jamal Meneide and Ayanna Albertson created a call to action — being a voter is one way to commemorate the days when we couldn’t be counted. Together, we must raise our voices to be heard.

Director’s Insights: There’s something really elegant about double exposure. It lets a variety of images pass through the subject, conveying an expanse within us. That’s exactly what this piece is about: Every one of us contains an entire history, whether we know it or not. At any moment, we embody an extensive legacy of social and political moments, all coursing through us. What better way to depict this expansive nature than a visual style that does exactly that?

This piece is punctuated by moments of silence, rest, and breath. My hope is that it moves our audience to think about the historical oppression of Black folk, and how that manifests today. And, beyond that, to be inspired to take action and find victory in being a voter.


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