The Cards We’re Dealt

by Jamal Meneide | October 3, 2019 3:44 pm

UNO is, at its core, an individualist game. I mean, it’s in the name after all: one. One person alone can win. To do so, you have to actively worsen your opponents’ chances – or at least be fine with them not doing as well as you. Of course, UNO is just a game, something lighthearted to play with friends. 

The interesting thing is, you can play everyday like its UNO in America. It’s incredibly easy to focus on the self, and why shouldn’t you? Getting ahead can be synonymous with being self-centered. It’s much easier to cut someone off in traffic or walk by a protest when there’s bills to be paid or new business ventures to try out. With this video, I wanted to ask:  What if the stakes of this lighthearted game were higher? And does every day have to be a game of UNO, or is there a way for us to live differently with one another; to be together – JUNTOS?

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