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October 15, 2020 Emily Withnall

Families are hurting, pass a second stimulus bill now

My oldest teen got sick with Covid-19 at the end of June, and I contracted it shortly afterwards.  I’ve been sick for three months now and the fatigue, pain, and […]

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I vote

Emily Withnall

I vote because I’m a mother whose kids have suffered the consequences of policies and political decisions that negatively affect them. I vote because I’m a single parent who has […]

This year, be a child care voter, our future depends on it

Sharisse Tracey

With all the political rhetoric taking place in this 2020 election cycle, the issue of child care has become front and center for people of all backgrounds, including those without […]


Ayanna Albertson

I Vote Because I Want To Be a Cause Beyond Myself I wasn’t eligible to vote until the 2012 Presidential election. During that time, I was a freshman in college […]

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The Disposable Industries: Calls to Reopen the Economy Ask Workers to Put their Health At Risk

Back in my early 20s, I proudly wore the job title of “coffee girl.” I had five years of experience by the time I was 22, working full-time at a […]

Why We Should Celebrate National Poetry Month During a Pandemic

April is traditionally filled with patronizing one of the oldest forms of literary art — poetry. During National Poetry Month, audiences typically attend readings and discussions and use this time […]

Convening of the Housing Narrative Project: Re-centering the Conversation About Housing Around Love, Belonging, and Human Dignity

The year-long Housing Narrative Project is rooted in a bottom-up approach that listens to the voices of the most impacted and those working on the front lines of the housing […]

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Mixed Race: Racism and Anti-Blackness

In the United States, race is still a social construct that shapes how other people treat you. No matter how you may personally identify, how someone else sees you can […]

by Mikka Macdonald 15093 Views
Mixed Feelings: White Enough

“I don’t look black, I’m not treated black, but I feel black. I know I’m white-passing and frankly, it’s frustrating,” said James, 32. “I feel like I’m whitewashing my own […]

by Mikka Macdonald 6689 Views
Why progressives need to mobilize against Trump’s Supreme Court pick

Donald Trump selected a clear partisan as his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy who announced his resignation at the end of the Supreme Court’s term. Federal appeals court judge […]

by Nadia Eldemerdash 4575 Views
Why Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is an American Hero

If I ever have a daughter, I am going to tell her about the patriotism and heroism of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And if I ever have a daughter, I […]

by Mikka Macdonald 4356 Views
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Housing is Essential for All of Us

Housing is essential for all of us. This year, we are facing a new stage in our decades-long housing crisis. Now, more than ever, we are having unprecedented national conversations […]

Why Are You a Voter?

Our American tradition is steeped in fighting for our essentials and demanding a chance for all families to thrive. Our history is packed with moments of rising together and standing […]

Be a Voter for a More Just Nevada

This election season, we need to stand up for and with each other more than ever. Nevada’s criminal legal system has been failing the state’s residents for decades. But there […]