Doing The Right Thing Can Still Get You Killed … If You Are Black

by Wendi C. Thomas | July 7, 2016 2:06 pm

Photo Credits to Fibonacci Blue. 

Originally published on The Undefeated

I don’t know how other people buy cellphones. Me, I make sure I’m getting all the gigabytes I can. Just in case I witness police killing another black person, I want to have enough space on my phone to record the state-sanctioned slaughters. It’s just in case, but in America, there’s always a case.

In less than 36 hours, two black men were added to the list of the estimated 136 black people killed by police in 2016.

On Tuesday, I woke to news that a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officer had shot and killed Alton Sterling. The accusation, lodged by a 911 caller, that led to his death? Allegedly harassing customers with a gun outside a convenience store, a claim the store owner disputes. Bystanders captured parts of the confrontation on video that showed two white officers pinning the 37-year-old father to the ground and shooting him at point-blank range.

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