Introducing The Flag of US

by Sharisse Tracey | July 2, 2020 2:43 pm

Image created by Community Change fellow Sharisse Tracey and partner David Barsha Joseph.

It was all a dream, until we made it a reality: Introducing, The Flag of US 

Three years after Colin Kaepernick first took a knee

there was a vision to see,

one that would truly reflect you and me

that was our duty to make a reality.

Before Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed the bill

abandoning the state’s flag and stripping the Confederate battle flag symbol,

almost a year ago to date,

my partner and I sealed our fate by not only dreaming of a flag that united every American, one that would really make America great.

A truly united flag with every shade of color and swag, that would represent all of us Americans want to boast and brag.

We have been taught to salute a flag that didn’t represent you or me.

The colors alone run in deep contrast for any hope of equality.

Red is the blood of the country.

The white stripes resembled purity.

Blue is the vigilance, perseverance and justice in 1776. But where were we represented in any of this?

Yet that’s not what it means in my mind when America was never great for people of color at any time.

Slavery, incarceration, depression, suppression, and separation.

Limitations, degradation, racism, bigotry and assassination.

Remember we were herded in one common plantation to ensure we would never have any elevation.

So why would we stand for a flag that never respected us and projected on us the fraction of 3/5 woman and 3/5 man?

We changed the flag so we all can stand proud as equal women and men.

Our new source of pride when we walk through the door, the Flag of Us.

That is a sight in what all Americans can trust.

The colors are the basic skin shades of men and women of all races.

The stars are replaced with silhouettes of our faces.

We’re going to remake the deck of cards of America with a hand full of new aces.

No more discrimination because everyone has a part.

We have so many prominent people of color as a beautiful work of art.

From our first Black President to the founders of the disability act,

and let’s not forget about gay pride and who is responsible for that.

This is a flag to put all of us on the right track.

We will never forget so many prominent life leaders that never held us back.

From the Native Americans that were first here, to Black, Latinx, Asian and Caucasian who as united Americans all shed blood, sweat and tears.

In our flag no one is excluded. We’ve included icons from past to present.

A flag that encompasses us all because the old flag kept us divided and that’s why we continue to fall.

Let us present, so all Americans can truly represent, The Flag of Us.

By Community Change fellow Sharisse Tracey and partner David Barsha Joseph

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