Immigration Is Still On the List

by Alesia Lucas | January 10, 2013 12:00 am

President Obama’s second term has no shortage of key issues. While some feared that the important issue of gun control and the debt ceiling would overshadow the need for comprehensive immigration reform, a top administration official confirmed that the issue hasn’t left the President’s to-do list.  The President admitted during the campaign that the “biggest failure” of his first term was not passing immigration reform.  The President isn’t going to allow that to happen this time around.

Americans who support immigrant rights are a powerful voting bloc that politicians and decision-makers alike will have to deal with. The political limbo that DREAMers and their families have been placed in has caught the attention of more than just advocates. Immigration reform with a path to citizenship is the only way of repairing our broken system.

As the Administration begins to draft a plan for immigration, groups like The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) and the Center for Community Change will continue to advocate on behalf of all immigrants. Deferred Action and the Family Unity Waiver are only small victories in the larger fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

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