Gillum will protect Floridians’ access to health care

by Elizabeth Nazarett | October 22, 2018 2:50 pm

Gabriela Guerrero shares why she is supporting Andrew Gillum for Governor of Florida.

Gillum will protect Floridians’ access to health care

Health care is a top priority for Florida voters this November. We all know someone who has health concerns—and every day we live with the fear that Republicans will repeal the ACA and reject Medicaid expansion again.

Ines Villar is a Puerto Rican who lives in Central Florida; she suffers from a pre-existing condition that requires continuous treatment and expensive medications. Ines hopes that Andrew Gillum wins the election and becomes the next Governor of Florida, otherwise her future and health will be in jeopardy.

Margaret is a single mother from Jamaica with two grandkids. She lives in South Florida. Margaret is worried about the possibility that the ACA will be repealed, leaving her family without insurance. She is voting for Andrew Gillum who will protect Floridians’ access to health care.

Gabriela tiene casi 20 años viviendo en el Sur de la Florida. Ella nos comparte su apoyo a Andrew Gillum porque él es el único candidato que está dispuesto a crear un ambiente de tolerancia e invertir en el futuro de nuestros hijos. Gillum está dispuesto hacer todo lo posible para que todos tengamos acceso al seguro de salud.

Yo, Elizabeth, concluyo esta serie de videos compartiendo mi historia y como Andrew Gillum nos puede ayudar a fortalecer nuestra comunidad.

Unamos el Voto. ¡Salgamos a votar este 6 de noviembre!

This November 6, let’s unite the vote for a leader who has proven to put our community ahead of special interest.

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