Eager to vote for the first time

by Laura Munoz | August 13, 2018 7:00 am

Voting is a rewarding experience and we are uniting first time voters this November to uplift our communities. You have the duty of electing people who will be representing you at the local, state and national level. Usually, the first time you vote is memorable, so I decided to speak with first time voters in Florida to see how eager they were to cast their ballots this November. Check out these 5 interviews of first time voters sharing what motivates them to vote:

Pablo couldn’t vote last election cycle because he wasn’t a U.S. citizen. His status has changed and now, he will be voting this November for the first time. Pablo is ready for support a progressive agenda for Florida.

Happy 18th Birthday, Paola! She just hit the voting age and is ready to start exercising her right. She calls on youth to take activism to the streets, but most importantly to the polls.

Gaby has been working on local, state and presidential campaigns since she was in High School. Now, she can’t wait to finally be able to vote this November for candidates that will support women, immigrants and resistance.

Ragoo is a Lauderhill resident in Florida and he is tired of flooding, garbage and neglect in his community. Ragoo knows that to achieve change that benefits the community, we have to vote!

Claudia Quiñones votará por primera vez este Noviembre. En los últimos meses, Claudia tomó pasos para obtener su ciudadanía con el fin de poder votar en las próximas elecciones.  Claudia está lista para votar contra la agenda odio de Trump:


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