Dishonesty is Not the Best Policy

by Jingru Huang | February 11, 2013 12:00 am

When police ask for your help, most people are inclined to help them. Amber’s husband falls into that category. But Amber and her family were shocked at what happened after that. The police turned out to be immigration officials, and they were just playing a trick on Amber’s husband to detain him.The dishonest act performed by the ICE officials has not only torn Amber’s family apart, made her kids live without a father figure, but also made her lose the trust in the U.S. government. Personally, I feel so disappointed to read about how Amber’s family was lied to by authorities they thought they could trust.

This is why our broken immigration system must be fixed. Undocumented immigrants in this country who have broken no laws should not be treated like this. That’s why the Center for Community Change is working with many other immigrants’ rights groups to fix immigration laws so that people are treated fairly AND humanely.

The Center for Community Change is always standing on the side of immigrants and trying to promote the equality that the American has found throughout its history. The “Keeping Families Together” campaign also advocates for immigration policies that reflect the values of fairness, justice and equality of this country.

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