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March 21, 2019 Center for Community Change

Bold ideas rooted in the lives, experiences of real people

Now you can check out some of the discussions from the event and hear for yourself how power and agency are at the root of economic justice for our communities.

Reminder to Congress: #Not1dollar for Trump’s racist wall

Thomas Kennedy

The government shutdown that just ended was the longest in American history. Speaker Pelosi and Trump engaged in a war centered around Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion in funding for […]

Florida makes history as Amendment 4 goes into effect

Thomas Kennedy

Today is a historic day for Florida. The most significant voting rights act in the state’s history and the most significant expansion of the franchise since the civil rights act […]

We as voters will determine the future of our country

Will Holland

In 2016, decades of neglect on behalf of those in political authority caused a surge of bitterness and democratic participation on behalf of industrial workers in forgotten regions of both […]

Our vote is our power

Mikka Macdonald

Representative John Lewis once said, “The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.”  Every day, communities […]

Will Latino’s Turnout to Vote This Year?

Thomas Kennedy

With only days left until the midterm election is finally over, one question lingers in the minds of Democratic operatives working in battleground states across the country. Will Latino turnout […]

Underserved communities find no relief as water rates increase

Jiquanda Johnson

Tia Simpson stood in front of nearly 40 journalists pleading her case for clean and affordable water. The 34-year-old Flint resident endured the aftermath of being exposed to the city’s […]

Supporting Food Entrepreneurs for Equity and Stronger Communities

Christen Hill

We can strengthen our communities by creating food systems that create new jobs and businesses through the people living here. DREAM (Dreaming Out Loud’s Ready for Entrepreneurship Accelerator Modules) is […]

Colin Kaepernick, Christine Blasey Ford, and the America’s Bad Conscience

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

In recent weeks, two Americans galvanized media attention for their bravery, taking  stances that inspired gratitude and support for their causes. Neither is a politician or has run for public […]

How do we work to redeem America’s soul?

Raphael Warnock

This piece originally published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. From the recent, unabashed public expressions of white supremacy to immoral policies of ripping immigrant children away from their parents to […]

Eager to vote for the first time

Laura Munoz

Voting is a rewarding experience and we are uniting first time voters this November to uplift our communities. You have the duty of electing people who will be representing you […]

What Apple’s $1 trillion value means for working people

Elizabeth Poulos

Last Thursday, it was reported that the wealth of tech-giant Apple had surpassed every other publically traded American firm, setting the record at $1 trillion in value. Many applauded the […]

Florida voters gather at Netroots Nation to unite the vote

Elizabeth Fernandez

I’m at Netroots Nation along with hundreds of political activists who are passionate about creating stronger communities for all. I took this opportunity to ask my fellow activists from Florida […]

Returning citizens served time and paid for their mistakes; let’s give them back their right to vote

Thomas Kennedy

Last week, I experienced first-hand how the state of Florida is systematically disenfranchising black and brown people from voting. I took part in a civil disobedience action in the city […]

The forced trajectory of Trinita Farmer, mother of police homicide victim, Tashii Brown

Nissa Tzun

“He was very creative,” said Trinita Farmer about her son, Tashii Brown, during an interview in her home on March 4, 2018.  Farmer was eager to exhibit his work, which […]

From zero tolerance to zero harm: steps for mending shattered migrant families

Esther Calzada

By Catherine LaBrenz, John Sullivan and Esther Calzada We’ve all seen the excitement in a child’s eyes when they play with their parents in the park, or the calm that […]

Power is when more women and people of color run for office. And win.

Nadia Eldemerdash

With so much depressing news filling my news feed, I’ve found a glimmer of hope talking to Democratic candidates in the primary elections here in Nevada. As in the rest […]

Change Wire: We tell the stories of real people making real change

Marisol Bello

Early this year, Oprah Winfrey became the first black woman to receive the Golden Globes’ annual Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. In a rousing speech accepting the honor, […]

On the Death of My Mother

Center for Community Change

This article first appeared on The Progressive. It was April 7 when my mother died. One moment we were out to dinner, laughing and planning the summer, when she suddenly […]

Soda Industry vs. Quality Child Care

Center for Community Change

By Chirag Mehta, Senior Policy Advisor, Center for Community Change Coca-Cola and the soda industry at large are pulling out all the stops to fight Santa Fe, New Mexico residents […]

Inside The Statue of Liberty’s Radical Feminist, Pro-Refugee Roots

Alison Stine

America may have rejected a woman to lead the nation, but Lady Liberty’s steadfast arm still leads the way

Hiding in plain sight

Fred McKissack Jr.

Hidden Figures is a treasure, but we need to dig deeper in finding new talent

And #StillIRise: #PeoplesConvention takes over Pittsburgh

Wendi C. Thomas

Wendi C. Thomas is a writing fellow for the Center for Community Change. [View the story “And #StillIRise: #PeoplesConvention takes over Pittsburgh” on Storify]

Monster in the Mission

Mark Ortiz

This piece was originally posted on The Huffington Post San Francisco. “The only public housing this city provides is county jails,” Bilal Ali of the Coalition Against Homelessness said at […]

It’s Time To Restore the Dignity of the Formerly Incarcerated

Center for Community Change

By: Dorsey Nunn Anyone with a conviction history faces a constant barrier to being an involved, productive member of our society. I do not define myself as an ex-convict; I […]

Getting our priorities straight on mass incarceration and perpetuated poverty

Robin Curran

Connection between mass incarceration and perpetuated poverty, why it’s bad not only for individuals but also for communities Did you know that the U.S. imprisons more of its citizens than […]

Fighting for the Future of America’s 99%

Deepak Bhargava

Today, with the 2012 elections looming before us, we must ensure that the national movement we’ve helped to build has the clout to make our politicians listen. We will all […]

$40, Why It Is Important

Donna DeLaCruz

Because it's the holiday season, my son Alex came to work today. And he got to come on a very special trip– to see the President argue for a payroll […]

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