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November 1, 2018 Jiquanda Johnson

Underserved communities find no relief as water rates increase

Tia Simpson stood in front of nearly 40 journalists pleading her case for clean and affordable water. The 34-year-old Flint resident endured the aftermath of being exposed to the city’s […]

The GOP #TaxScamBill Is Another Way To Make The Rich Richer On The Backs Of The Poor

Thomas Kennedy

Back in September, Senator John McCain announced in a statement that he could not “in good conscience” vote for the GOP’s healthcare bill, effectively ending Republican efforts to repeal and […]

Trump’s Tax Plan Is A Reverse Robin Hood Ploy

Marcella Vitulli

Here’s how Trump’s plan pads the pockets of the rich at the expense of everyday families and seniors.

Building the Economic Strength of Women

Alesia Lucas

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and although it’s 2013, American women still lag behind men in paycheck fairness. Women still make a mere 64 cents for every dollar their […]

The Poverty Predicament

Alesia Lucas

The word ‘poor’ is treated like a four-letter word by politicians. But with the downturn of our economy and slow job market, the issue of poverty has become more serious […]

Immigration Is Still On the List

Alesia Lucas

President Obama’s second term has no shortage of key issues. While some feared that the important issue of gun control and the debt ceiling would overshadow the need for comprehensive […]

A Message to the President and Congress: Listen to America!

Donna DeLaCruz

The 2012 elections show that Americans want President Obama and Congress to strengthen the middle class, put people back to work, embrace prosperity economics over austerity, and protect essential retirement […]

Hungry American Children

Alesia Lucas

There have been a lot of speeches at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions, but only Jeff Bridges has spoken at both.  Unfortunately, Bridges speech will not garner the much […]

One Family’s Struggle to Find Jobs

Donna DeLaCruz

Among the hundreds of people at a rally last week in Charlotte, N.C., calling on Congress to create more jobs to get our economy going again were two sisters and […]

Let’s Target Infrastructure Jobs to Communities Most in Need

Rich Stolz

Today the Transportation Equity Network released a national report ranking the states based on how well they prepare and create job opportunities for low-income and minority residents and women on transportation infrastructure […]

Turning Anger Into Hope

Deepak Bhargava

Americans are angry these days. You can see it at the Occupy Wall Street protests. You see it in states where governors have pushed through severe anti-union measures that are […]

Get to Know a Host #3: Julia Deak

Ayanna Albertson

Julia Deak of Seattle, Washington plans to host a house meeting to rebuild the American Dream on the weekend of July 17. Julia took a few minutes to talk with […]

Kasich, The Puppet

Julia Clunn

While some of us may still have hope that Democrats will hold their ground against GOP determination to cut Social Security and other entitlements, Ohio residents are struggling against their […]

Unemployment Numbers and the Money Trail

Gabe Gonzalez

It takes money to make money. Everybody knows that. If you want to start a business, you need money to set the business up. You have to advertise, there are […]

What the President Should Learn from Joe

Ayanna Albertson

Late last night, Obama administration officials  announced that they’re willing to cut Social Security—along with more cuts to Medicare—to reach a deal on the budget. Let’s be honest. Retirement security […]

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