Category: #MeToo

September 4, 2019 Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

2020 – the 100th anniversary of the first vote for gender equality – will be the year of women.

The old saw, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times” may apply to the status of  women in America — their gains, their travails, their […]

There’s Too Much On the Line to Skip This Election

Elizabeth Fernandez

With so much at stake in this election, in Florida and across the nation, voting this November is critical. That’s why former First Lady Michelle Obama visited the University of […]

Women Arrested for Kavanaugh-Related Protest at Manchin’s Office

Bobbi Dempsey

  Despite being led into the street in the middle of the night in handcuffs, a West Virginia woman says speaking up on behalf of sexual assault survivors like herself […]

Kavanaugh Is Yet Another Way Trump Is Attacking Women

Elizabeth Fernandez

Trump told us how he felt about women years before he was ever elected. We are just things to “grab.” According to him, “you can do anything” to us. In […]

Why Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is an American Hero

Mikka Macdonald

If I ever have a daughter, I am going to tell her about the patriotism and heroism of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And if I ever have a daughter, I […]

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