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July 1, 2020 Grecia Lima

Kentucky has a high-profile stake this November with McConnell, known for obstruction of safety net programs, protecting Trump’s racist policies

The deep red state of Kentucky has a high-profile stake this November with Amy McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot who nabbed the Democratic nomination, and the reelection campaign of […]

Why we need the Dems to keep talking childcare

Marisol Bello

As the Democratic party prepares to host the next Democratic debate on Jan. 14, we hope that presidential candidates will pay attention to the families and childcare workers who are […]

We need Presidential candidates to detail their commitment to achieving quality, affordable and culturally relevant child care for all families

Danielle Atkinson

Trending with the hashtag #WhatMamasWant, hundreds of mothers in Michigan organized a forum on issues that impact their lives and then gathered to watch the two-day Democratic presidential debates in […]

Texas will turn blue this decade

Grecia Lima

Another Republican member of Congress announced their plans to vacate their seat, reinforcing what we know: Texas is a swing state. Thanks to a renewal of the long-held tradition of […]

How to stop another nightmare government shutdown

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

We – “we” meaning all Americans who still believe we are united as a nation that cares for our own – face an apocalyptic nightmare scenario. In Hollywood, the apocalypse […]

Counting Every Vote Amid Voter Suppression in Florida

Thomas Kennedy

While the blue wave swept across the country last week, you might have missed it if you live in Florida. Despite Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives, flipping […]

En la Florida los votantes estan activos por Gillum

Elizabeth Nazarett

En la Florida los votantes estan bien activos. Este 6 de noviembre muchos dicen que van a unir el voto por Andrew Gillum para gobernador. Dicen que van a votar […]

They didn’t vote in the primaries, but with Gillum, they are now inspired to vote

Topacio Marrero

There has been much excitement in the state of Florida involving the 2018 primaries and its candidates. For example, in Broward County, it was estimated more than 23.5 percent of […]

Climate Voters Ready to Vote in November

Laura Munoz

As a young child living in Colombia I lived through an earthquake. I am thankful to have been far from the epicenter of the shake in a well constructed structure, […]

Gillum will protect Floridians’ access to health care

Elizabeth Nazarett

Gillum will protect Floridians’ access to health care Health care is a top priority for Florida voters this November. We all know someone who has health concerns—and every day we […]

There’s Too Much On the Line to Skip This Election

Elizabeth Fernandez

With so much at stake in this election, in Florida and across the nation, voting this November is critical. That’s why former First Lady Michelle Obama visited the University of […]

Voting to Make Florida’s Environment a Priority

Maliha Kareem

Water is life.  And in many ways, it is what defines Florida. As a first generation American whose family came from Iraq, a nation with critical environment-related threats to human […]

There’s Too Much On the Line to Skip This Election

Elizabeth Fernandez

With so much at stake in this election, in Florida and across the nation, registering to vote before the Oct. 9th deadline is so important. That’s why former First Lady […]

Building Resistance through Climate Awareness

Topacio Marrero

Last week, the New Florida Majority, a statewide organizing group, sponsored a climate event that called attention to the impact of climate gentrification on our communities and called on vulnerable […]

Haga la elección correcta Florida

Thomas Kennedy

El 28 de agosto de 1963, el Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. se paró al pie del monumento a Abraham Lincoln en Washington D.C. para pronunciar su histórico discurso “Tengo […]

Puerto Rican Women Clap Back, Ready to Vote in November

Laura Munoz

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the Democratic party by surprise early July when she won the primary race against long-term incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley.  Since her victory, Ocasio-Cortez has been on the […]

The Blue Wave Won’t Happen Without Black and Brown Voters

Thomas Kennedy

The Trump administration and its constant barrage of embarrassing antics seem to be turning off a significant portion of the American electorate. Since Trump’s inauguration last year, Republican candidates have […]

Justice for marginalized communities not a factor in filling SCOTUS seat; it’s up to us to vote, voice our concerns now

Alaina Beverly

Whether you care about voting rights, affirmative action, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights and especially a woman’s right to control her own body, filling retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s […]

Why progressives need to mobilize against Trump’s Supreme Court pick

Nadia Eldemerdash

Donald Trump selected a clear partisan as his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy who announced his resignation at the end of the Supreme Court’s term. Federal appeals court judge […]

Education, environment, and everything in between: Democratic Gubernatorial candidates talk politics in 2018

Nadia Eldemerdash

Nevada’s primary elections are four short weeks away, and this year sees two Democratic candidates stepping up to the plate. Steve Sisolak, a local businessman and Clark County Commission chairman, […]

Their voices matter: Meet the #HumansOfDACA

Nancy Treviño

Six months ago, President Trump broke a commitment when he ended DACA, a program supported by a majority of Americans and which gives 800,000 young people a chance to achieve […]

Dems Don’t Get A Pass When It Comes To Black And Brown People. We Deserve More From All Of Our Elected Leaders.

Helen Li

In 2017, the campaign for Virginia governor elect Ralph Northam estimates that canvassers knocked on almost 4 million doors, almost twice the number of doors knocked for the Clinton campaign […]

Make Your Voice Heard. Go Vote In Tuesday’s Local Elections.

Thomas Kennedy

During the 2016 election cycle, I frequently heard people complaining about the impossibility of escaping the daily barrage of news and coverage regarding the Presidential race. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent more than $6.8 billion to ensure that their messages reached voters. The massive price tag ensured an over-saturation of advertising in various forms of media.

House Republicans: Our Deadline is August 2nd

Jingru Huang

As House Republicans debate whether or not they will act on immigration reform, they should remember the deadline of Aug. 2nd that the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) has set […]

Tell your Representatives that you want immigration reform, now!

Alesia Lucas

Tomorrow is the final day of National Call-in week for immigration reform.  We need everyone to call their representatives and urge them to support immigration reform that keeps families together […]

A Bus Tour, Full of Stories and Strength

Emily Gelbaum

Last week, the National Keeping Families Together Bus Tour launched from Chicago, IL carrying families and individuals directly impacted by the current immigration system. The bus riders are calling on […]

Alone on Valentine’s Day Because Of Deportation

Alesia Lucas

In December the Fair Immigration Reform Movement launched the Keeping Families Together campaign, the campaign collects the countless stories of families split because of our broken immigration system. Yesterday was […]

Making Minimum Wage a Living Wage

Alesia Lucas

Overall, 77% of those who watched The State of the Union Address were pleased with what the President had to say.  It was a passionate plea and directive to the […]

The OFA Takes a Page from Keeping Families Together

Alesia Lucas

With President Obama’s second term in full swing his former campaign organization has decided to take on immigration reform.  Taking a page from the Keeping Families Together Campaign, The Obama […]

The Poverty Predicament

Alesia Lucas

The word ‘poor’ is treated like a four-letter word by politicians. But with the downturn of our economy and slow job market, the issue of poverty has become more serious […]

Immigration Is Still On the List

Alesia Lucas

President Obama’s second term has no shortage of key issues. While some feared that the important issue of gun control and the debt ceiling would overshadow the need for comprehensive […]

The Youth Unemployment Problem

Alesia Lucas

The Center for Community Change recently released a report highlighting the issue of youth unemployment and under-employment entitled, “Establishing a Foothold in the Labor Market for Young Workers Through Subsidized […]

Keeping Families Together in our Fight for Immigration Reform

Alesia Lucas

This year has been a huge one for DREAMers who earlier this year were granted deferred action status. But the fight for DREAMers is not over. Although they now have […]

Voting For The First Time At 71

Alesia Lucas

The Campaign for Community Change is working with several groups in the field to register a record number of new voters for this year’s election. In the days leading up […]

Hungry American Children

Alesia Lucas

There have been a lot of speeches at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions, but only Jeff Bridges has spoken at both.  Unfortunately, Bridges speech will not garner the much […]

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