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March 18, 2013 Alesia Lucas

Tell your Representatives that you want immigration reform, now!

Tomorrow is the final day of National Call-in week for immigration reform.  We need everyone to call their representatives and urge them to support immigration reform that keeps families together […]

A Bus Tour, Full of Stories and Strength

Emily Gelbaum

Last week, the National Keeping Families Together Bus Tour launched from Chicago, IL carrying families and individuals directly impacted by the current immigration system. The bus riders are calling on […]

The Immigrant Community Comes Together

Jingru Huang

Leaders of the Asian Pacific American community are supporting the Keeping Families Together mission. Comprehensive immigration reform is essential because families should never be separated. When mentioning the “undocumented immigrants”, […]

Immigrants to Yale, “We aren’t Guinea pigs!”

Alesia Lucas

Yale recently suspended plans to create a center in conjunction with the Department of Defense that would train U.S. soldiers in the art of interrogation by using immigrants as their […]

Alone on Valentine’s Day Because Of Deportation

Alesia Lucas

In December the Fair Immigration Reform Movement launched the Keeping Families Together campaign, the campaign collects the countless stories of families split because of our broken immigration system. Yesterday was […]

Making Minimum Wage a Living Wage

Alesia Lucas

Overall, 77% of those who watched The State of the Union Address were pleased with what the President had to say.  It was a passionate plea and directive to the […]

Immigration and LGBT Advocates

Alesia Lucas

When two Portland women renewed their vows in Oregon, living as a mixed-status couple, the moment was impactful for more than one reason.  The couple renewed their vows to illustrate […]

The OFA Takes a Page from Keeping Families Together

Alesia Lucas

With President Obama’s second term in full swing his former campaign organization has decided to take on immigration reform.  Taking a page from the Keeping Families Together Campaign, The Obama […]

The Poverty Predicament

Alesia Lucas

The word ‘poor’ is treated like a four-letter word by politicians. But with the downturn of our economy and slow job market, the issue of poverty has become more serious […]

Sharing the Stories of Immigrant Families

Alesia Lucas

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement recently launched the Keeping Families Together Campaign. The campaign was created to advocate for immigration reform that keeps families together and to collect the stories […]

Keeping Families Together in our Fight for Immigration Reform

Alesia Lucas

This year has been a huge one for DREAMers who earlier this year were granted deferred action status. But the fight for DREAMers is not over. Although they now have […]

The High Cost of Low Wages

Alesia Lucas

As Congress debates the fiscal cliff, hopefully avoiding balancing the budget on the backs of workers, they should look at retail industry workers. The retail industry has bounced back from […]

Let’s Hear it For These Social Justice Champions!

Kathleen Tresslar

The champions of change in our communities rarely receive the credit they deserve. The road to change is long, and it’s important to take a few stops along the way […]

The 2012 Change Champion Awards

Alesia Lucas

Join us in honoring leaders from diverse fields who dedicate themselves to changing the conditions that create poverty and inequity, and who work to build power in low-income communities and […]

Give A Care! Campaign Celebrating Caregivers Launched Today

Donna DeLaCruz

Website, Video Shows Importance of Caregivers, Why They Deserve Support For Immediate Release: August 8, 2012 Contact: Donna De La Cruz, 202-339-9331, [email protected] (WASHINGTON)—Single parents, adults caring for sick children […]

The Power of Organizing

Alesia Lucas

Today’s Washington Post documents crucial organizing work undertaken by the Center for Community Change.  One of the Post’s top reporters demonstrates the immense power of bringing together the voices of […]

An Awards Ceremony Worth Watching

Donna DeLaCruz

The Emmy Awards were recently handed out and as usual, the biggest news was who was wearing what. And as usual, the TV ratings were dismal. Well, last night I […]

Small Steps, Big Change

Zachary Langway

Day three of the Social Good Summit, sponsored by Mashable, 92Y and the UN Foundation, really focused in on the small steps that, when taken and aggregated, can lead to […]

Change Champion: Frances Fox Piven

Allison Mitchell

Tonight, we will honor six individuals and organizations for their work in social justice at the 2011 Community Change Champion Awards.  An honoree this evening, Professor Frances Fox Piven is […]

Change Champion: Congressman Raúl Grijalva

Allison Mitchell

Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva is serving his 5th term in Congress, and is our 2011 Community Change Champion honoree in public service. A native of Tucson, Arizona and son of […]

Change Champion: Voces de la Frontera

Zachary Langway

Christine Neumann-Ortiz is the founding executive director of Voces de la Frontera in Wisconsin, and a state and national leader in the immigrant rights movement. Through her leadership, Voces has […]

Change Champion: Quinn Delaney

Allison Mitchell

As we get closer to our 2011 Change Champion Awards on September 22, we’d like you to meet another of our distinduished Champions. Quinn Delaney is the the founder and […]

Change Champion: George Gresham

Allison Mitchell

For today’s featured 2011 Community Change Champion, I’d like you to meet Geroge Gresham, the President of 1199 SEIU United Health Care Workers East. George Gresham was elected 1199SEIU President in […]

Change Champion: Pramila Jayapal & OneAmerica

Zachary Langway

Today, we kick off our series featuring the 2011 Community Change Champions by introducing you to Pramila Jayapal, the founder and executive director of OneAmerica. Started in the wake of 9/11, […]

Champions for Change

Zachary Langway

We all know change is hard. And it takes the hard work of people united across the nation, dedicated to changing the conditions that create poverty and inequity, and working […]

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