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June 6, 2018 Stephanie Land

Continuing Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy, 50 years later

What does a man born into extreme wealth and privilege and a golden political pedigree have in common with a single mom from Montana who is struggling to get by? […]

Bobby and the Center for Community Change

Jeff Parcher

I still recall the moment that I truly entered the world. It was not the instant when the bullets were fired. It was a few minutes later when I was […]

Happy 50th Birthday, to the Center for Community Change!

Cristina Rayas

The Center for Community Change turns 50 this year! Staff and extended family of CCC have special birthday messages for the organization that faces a major milestone in transformational change. […]

CCC celebrates 50 years: Change is coming for the next 50 years

Cristina Rayas

At the center of our stories is change. Some change, we decide for ourselves …

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