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April 15, 2019 Carmella Salinas and Tameka Ramsey

Want to win in 2020? Focus on child care!

The evidence is clear: the lack of affordable and accessible child care is drowning America’s working families. A 2018 poll by the Center for American Progress and Community Change found […]

Here’s why America is talking about Universal Child Care

Marisol Bello

This week, Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plan for Universal Child Care, signaling its place atop the national political agenda. In it, she details the difficulties of finding affordable and […]

Caring for our loved ones is a key issue in this year’s elections in Michigan

Mike Griffin

This November, Michigan has a critical choice to make for the future of families struggling to get by. Attacks on immigrants, a lack of good paying jobs and the exploding […]

Universal pre-K won’t solve poverty. Better jobs will.

Wendi C. Thomas

Memphis council members promote politically safe investment in children while ignoring underpaid parents


Christen Hill

In two underserved DC communities, there are only three groceries stores to serve 148,000 people.

Florida Petition Seeks to Restore Voting Rights of 1.5 Million People

Thomas Kennedy

The state must do all it can to enfranchise its citizens and expand democracy for all.

A Hurricane Is Never An Excuse To Mock The Poor

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

I remember. I remember because I will always love New Orleans. All the residents of the Gulf Coast, or anyone who loved New Orleans – and who was old enough to remember August 29th, 2005 – has mourned the day ever since.

Food Stamps And Child Care Go Hand In Hand For Families

Sharisse Tracey

On July 31, President Trump boasted about the state of the economy, specifically the stock market, and how it is at its highest point in a number of years. What […]

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