Bonnie Page


Bio: Bonnie Duffy Page is a 62 year old mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Born and raised in Washington, D.C. She received her AA from DC Teachers College, Washington Saturday School. Over the years she's worked a variety of jobs but her most rewarding job was as a Youth Development Counselor with Covenant House Washington DC. She worked with homeless, at risk, runaway, and/or disadvantaged youth in the poorest most underserved wards (7+8) in DC. She was passionate about her job and felt she had so much to bring to the lives of this popularization of youth, but in reality they brought so much more to her life. She has retired since she became ill in 2013. In her leisure, she writes short stories and poetry. She also volunteers her time to work with young ladies, and their children, that aged out of the foster care system. Her daughter is always telling her to “slow down, you can't save the whole world”. Her response is “I be damned, I'll do it one person at a time”.

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