Alone on Valentine’s Day Because Of Deportation

by Alesia Lucas | February 15, 2013 12:00 am

In December the Fair Immigration Reform Movement launched the Keeping Families Together campaign, the campaign collects the countless stories of families split because of our broken immigration system. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day where people spend time with their loved ones.  Imagine having to spend a holiday all about love without your sweetheart.

Since July, Leticia has been left to raise her two children alone.  He husband is currently detained and awaiting deportation. The thought of spending Valentine’s Day alone was too much for Melissa, who moved to Mexico to be with her husband. Melissa would rather self deport herself and her child than be split apart by our broken immigration system.

It is heartbreaking because, Leticia and Melissa’s stories aren’t unique. Everyday families are being torn apart while politicians sit and debate the small stuff. Immigration reform isn’t about politics, it is about people and their families.  We need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship so that Leticia and Melissa can spend the holidays with their loved ones.

To hear more stories like these and to share your story visit Keeping Families Together and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #FamilyUnity.





Photo Credit: Pierre Guinoiseau, Flickr

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