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Gloria Chan

Sarah Capdeville | Implications of UI Benefits Ending

Sarah Capdeville of Missoula, Montana discusses her concerns about extended federally funded unemployment benefits ending and what that means for people looking for safe working conditions during a pandemic.

Gloria Chan

Sarah Capdeville | Pandemic UI and Chronic Illness

Sarah Capdeville of Missoula, Montana describes her experiences and concerns around unemployment benefits during the pandemic as a person with chronic illness.

Maris Medina

Even in the face of crisis, it’s the foundation of lived experience that keeps our vision clear

Through this pandemic, we held each other up while amplifying the leaders that spoke with the conviction of their lived experiences – voices demanding lasting change and building a better […]

Nissa Tzun

When their lives cannot be held in our hands, artist tributes carry the stories beyond the loss of our loved ones

“Water Slipping Through Our Fingers” showcases the personal stories of those directly impacted by police violence in Las Vegas, Nevada. The intention was to create a space to memorialize their […]

Center for Community Change

Inauguration 2021 Calls Us to Keep Organizing

This is a moment of celebration, hope, and history — and this milestone was made possible by the millions of people of color, especially Black & immigrant voters, who helped get them there.

Maris Medina

When crises hit, needed action knows no borders

Each person in our communities deserves a safe home — especially during natural disasters and an increasingly urgent climate crisis.

Mai Nolasco

Housing is Essential for All of Us

Housing is essential for all of us. This year, we are facing a new stage in our decades-long housing crisis. Now, more than ever, we are having unprecedented national conversations […]

Maris Medina

Why Are You a Voter?

Our American tradition is steeped in fighting for our essentials and demanding a chance for all families to thrive. Our history is packed with moments of rising together and standing […]

Nissa Tzun

Be a Voter for a More Just Nevada

This election season, we need to stand up for and with each other more than ever. Nevada’s criminal legal system has been failing the state’s residents for decades. But there […]

Maris Medina

Protecting America’s Families During COVID-19 | #mitchbetterhavemymoney

The COVID-19 public health crisis has made it impossible to ignore the deep, structural flaws in the rules that govern our economy. Although all of us participate in the creation […]

Nissa Tzun

Las Vegas families submit public demands for police reform, and win

Families who have lost loved ones in police interactions with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police recorded testimonies and submitted them to the Nevada State Legislature during the 32nd Special Session that […]

Maris Medina

Joy in the Milestones: Reopening Our World Better Than We Left It

For the last several months, COVID-19 has upended all of our lives. For centuries, systemic racism and police violence remains a grave problem in America. In the wake of this […]

Cristina Rayas

Standing Together Because Black Lives Matter

Every single state has stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, recognizing we are overdue on confronting our racist systems in the United States. Take a look at […]

Cristina Rayas

We Did This: Supreme Court Upholds DACA, Inspires Hope for DACA Youth

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled with a 5-4 decision that Trump’s attempt to terminate DACA was unlawful, inspiring hope in a generation of young undocumented individuals who say #HomeIsHere. […]

Nissa Tzun

Black killings spark Las Vegas families to speak out for loved ones slain by police

Some families in Las Vegas know the irreversible pain of losing a loved one to police brutality. In solidarity with protests across the country that have sparked from the recent […]

Cristina Rayas

Digital Postcard from the Ground: When America’s battle with racism comes to your backyard

Community Change Action organizer Mike Griffin has called Minneapolis home for 16 years. And this week, when George Floyd, a Black man, was killed in police custody, the city’s racial […]

Maris Medina

The Women’s Fellowship: Bold Changes, Reaching New Levels of Power

What does it look like when we center the leadership of directly impacted women? See for yourself! Community Change is building #PowerfromtheGroundUp with forceful agents of change through our Women’s […]

Maris Medina

My Frontline Family: Celebrating, Defending the Heroes Without Capes

At the onset of the novel coronavirus outbreak, healthcare workers were among the first to take action. These medical professionals were also among the first to report the capacity and […]

Cristina Rayas

The Power of Relationships Will Create a Wave of Change

Join us! Let’s get together, EVERYBODY.

Nissa Tzun

Embracing Art to Resist Racism in the Wake of COVID-19

But quarantine won’t stop change. In this moment of ugliness, people all over the world are responding. Despite being isolated in our homes, there is a collective movement building digitally.

Nissa Tzun

Waking Up to an Ambien Nightmare, Part Two

Terry Rogaczewski shares the challenges of his life after release in this concluding episode of Residuum’s “Waking up to an Ambien Nightmare.”

Jamal Meneide

Here. – Director’s Cut

“Here.” is a short film about identity, solidarity, and the necessity of feeling seen. Rather than treating each other as a spectacle, but as human beings, we can get to […]

Cristina Rayas

The State of Our Union is Powerful

We are going to be hearing a lot about the State of our Union in the coming days. But you know, and we know, that the state of our union […]

Maris Medina

What’s in My Name?

Names are full of meaning. Sometimes a name is part of a legacy passed down from our parents. Sometimes we assign meaning for ourselves. And when your name does not […]

Jamal Meneide

Hear Us Now

We are powerful, especially when united together. Ahead of Black History Month and the 2020 elections, Community Change Communications Fellows Jamal Meneide and Ayanna Albertson created a call to action […]

Cristina Rayas

Meet Lorella: She’s a Historic First, ‘But Not the Last’

We ended 2019 celebrating with Lorella Praeli, our new President of Community Change Action and Vice President of Community Change, as she was named one of the 20 Women of […]

Cristina Rayas

2019: A Year of Power from the Ground Up

In 2019, Community Change and Community Change Action built #PowerFromtheGroundUp in almost every state with more than 100 grassroots groups, so we all have a voice to be agents of […]

Jamal Meneide

As schools Pushout Black girls, organizers pull together

All children in our country should feel safe and welcomed in their school environment so they can grow into their full potential. Unfortunately, the experiences many Black girls have in […]

Cristina Rayas

Voices of justice rallying together at SCOTUS, echoing #HomeIsHere

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the termination of DACA to decide to uphold the program, or jeopardize the future of millions of immigrant families. In this […]

Nissa Tzun

Waking Up to an Ambien Nightmare – Residuum, Episode 3

In contrast to our usual reporting on the impact of police homicide, this piece is narrated by Terry Rogaczewski, who survived a police shooting gone wrong. After Las Vegas Metropolitan […]

Jiquanda Johnson

Flint teen Keishaun Wade on voting for the first time

Keishaun Wade, 18, of Flint is thrilled to be able to vote Nov. 6. The way he sees it, it’s a way of creating the kind of leadership and decision-making […]

Jiquanda Johnson

Was it worse in the ’60s or now? “Now,” says Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda comes to Flint Actress and longtime activist Jane Fonda came to Southwestern Classical Academy in Flint recently to urge voters to take action. That city’s water woes have […]

Non-Negotiable—What’s At Stake for Black Women?

With 31% of African American women, ages 15-41, currently enrolled in Medicaid, the need for stable healthcare is non-negotiable.

Why Does Unity Matter Right Now?

It’s a moment in history where we’ll look back and ask ourselves, “What did I do?”

Cristina Rayas

Introducing Dorian Warren as Next CCC President

“Who am I? I am just a kid from the south side of Chicago… A weird, long-suffering Cubs fan who grew up walking picket lines with my mother who was a public school teacher.”

Karl Catarata

Searching for Sustainable Safety, On School Campuses and Beyond

Everyone in our community deserves to feel safe. Hear some from students at UNLV as they describe how they feel safe on their campus.

Happy Birthday, CCC!

The Center for Community Change turns 50 this year! The staff and extended family of CCC have special birthday messages for the organization that is facing a major milestone in […]

A Year of Fighting for our Families and Friends

The Center for Community Change, in its work with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), has been standing steadfast against attacks targeting our family and friends. Even in the face […]

No more #EmptyPlatesEmptyPromises

More than 60 mom, dads, seniors and people with disabilities delivered empty plates to the Washington, D.C. office of Texas House Rep. Mike Conaway, author of the Farm Bill, to […]

SNAP works and so should Congress

WASHINGTON D.C.— The Center for Community Change hosted a partners and leaders convening to discuss strategies and to develop collective actions opposing the harmful cuts proposed in the Farm Bill, […]

Jeremiah Chapman

Tundra: Episode 2.5

Explorations in Black takes place in Harlem & Brooklyn, NY. This episode is partially shot in the Schomburg Center for Black Research and features images from The Harlem Renaissance & Black Power Movement. CCC Fellow Jeremiah Chapman uses creative storytelling to bring light to the issues Blacks face with access to affordable housing.

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