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1863: The WOMB and the story of a Black-led, multi-racial, safe haven in the middle of Akron, OH

Get your soul fed in this conversation with Emily Chittenden Laird. “It didn’t feel like a good use of my life.” Emily left DC to join the child advocacy movement in Appalachia.

1863: Inside the Evergreen cooperative in Cleveland with John McMicken

What happens when workers are also the bosses? A conversation with John McMicken inside the Evergreen cooperative in Cleveland.

What you don’t know about West Virginia

In the coalfields of Appalachia, there lives a job training program unlike any other. People get the community support they need, graduate with a 2-year degree, and best of all: […]

1863: A conversation with Jen Meccozzi, “I went through it, balls hard”

Jen tells her story of going from angry parent to organizer to school board member.

1863: Charlene Carrothers and the questions we have to ask ourselves.

If you could use a dose of pure courage, listen in to our conversation with Charlene Carrothers about the questions we must ask ourselves and how we find the courage to be unapologetic.

1863: Who Should Buffalo Belong To? A conversation with Aaron Bartley

One way to stop gentrification is for the community to buy all the buildings itself. A grassroots organization called PUSH Buffalo now owns, manages, and has reimagined over 100 properties – all while never losing their edge as a powerful voice for change.

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