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The Disposable Industries: Calls to Reopen the Economy Ask Workers to Put their Health At Risk

by Stephanie Land

Back in my early 20s, I proudly wore the job title of “coffee girl.” I had five years of experience by the time I was 22, working full-time at a […]

Why We Should Celebrate National Poetry Month During a Pandemic

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

April is traditionally filled with patronizing one of the oldest forms of literary art — poetry. During National Poetry Month, audiences typically attend readings and discussions and use this time […]

Convening of the Housing Narrative Project: Re-centering the Conversation About Housing Around Love, Belonging, and Human Dignity

by Michael Jackson

The year-long Housing Narrative Project is rooted in a bottom-up approach that listens to the voices of the most impacted and those working on the front lines of the housing […]

Welcome Home: Navigating the holidays without a home

by Michael Jackson

“What are you and your son doing for the holidays?” This question, innocently asked, is an emotional minefield for me and families like mine across the country coping with homelessness. […]

In memory of Toni Morrison

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

The first book that I read by Toni Morrison was her artfully bejeweled 1970 novel, The Bluest Eye. I was in the upper grades in high school, maybe 16 or […]

We’re Making Significant Steps Toward a New Federal Minimum Wage

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

In my years participating in progressive movements, fighting “the good fight” alongside other visionary activists and progressives with very different personalities, different strategies, and different campaigning styles, I have noticed […]

Voices Of Everyday Leaders

by Maya Boddie

Grassroots Partners Come Together to Celebrate Big Wins There have been major wins amongst the partners over the past year, such as SPACEs in Action’s $15.8 million win for Birth […]

Hunger in America Deprives Everyone in America

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

There is a tradition in fairytales and various old fashioned yarns which I’ve seen over the years that a hungry person will dream of lavish meals, roast beef and mutton, […]

On Motherhood and Movement Work: Women leaders approach both with ferocity and love

by Nicole Melaku

As I sat on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for a retreat with fellow immigrant rights leaders from the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), I couldn’t help but be […]

It’s time to talk about reparations

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

The idea of reparations are back in the news with the 2020 Democratic candidates, raising the issue of offering some form of payment to black Americans for the horrors inflicted […]

Immigrants make their voices heard in Florida’s capitol

by Thomas Kennedy

Last week, over three hundred immigrants and other community members mobilized to Florida’s capitol in Tallahassee to defend and protect our communities from Republican lawmakers who are once again attempting to pass […]

Everyday Leaders: Reflections after the 2019 Selma March

by Isaias G

“My name is Isaias and I am Undocumented and Unafraid.” This is the usual greeting for many undocumented immigrants in meetings to assert our presence. The whole room applauded in […]

My Sister: A Domestic Worker. And My Hero!

by Sulma Arias

The movie Roma has received all kinds of recognition and acclaim, including three Academy awards. Its  star, Yalitza Aparcio, a first-time actor who portrayed the lead role of a housekeeper […]

Kindness can be America’s New Year’s Resolution

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

I look forward to every New Year because the annual trek symbolizes renewed hopes and dreams. But I have conflicted feelings over the winter months. I appreciate white Christmases, seeing […]

Trump address to the nation is more anti-immigrant xenophobia

by Thomas Kennedy

Donald Trump presented no solutions during his first oval office address to the nation to end a more than two-week long government shutdown that has left 800,000 government workers working […]

What Apple’s $1 trillion value means for working people

by Elizabeth Poulos

Last Thursday, it was reported that the wealth of tech-giant Apple had surpassed every other publically traded American firm, setting the record at $1 trillion in value. Many applauded the […]

Immigrants, not France, are the real World Cup winners

by Thomas Kennedy

After weeks of suspense, France emerged the winner of the World Cup with a resounding 4-2 victory over Croatia. What is clear to anybody who watched the tournament from the […]

Travel bans enduring hostility toward Muslims

by Maliha Kareem

This piece was originally published in the Orlando Sentinel. When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban, imposing travel restrictions on several predominantly Muslim-majority countries, it affected many people in our […]

In November, everything is on the line

by Nadia Eldemerdash

This piece originally published in the Las Vegas Sun. Every election year, the posters and signs go up announcing new candidates vying for political office. Every year, volunteers set out […]

The Austin Bomber case shows we are quick to label POCs, but not whites, when they do wrong

by Thomas Kennedy

Photo credit: Ted Eytan, Flickr Creative Commons   The citizens of Austin were terrorized by a series of bombings that left two people dead, and injuring others. The suspect ultimately blew […]

Ideas of MLK, RFK still needed today

by Dorian Warren

This piece originally published in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. When President Lyndon B. Johnson launched the War on Poverty in 1964, his audacious goal was to end poverty in the […]

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