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A political revolution is happening that will bring more Latino, black, women and young people out to vote

by Dorian Warren

We are deep into the political horse race season. Everyone is asking: Who’s pulling ahead? Who’s trailing? What’s the margin of error? Seems like every day there are new and […]

Voices of Everyday Leaders

by Wandra Green

SNAP Benefits Guarantees Family’s Food Thirty-seven-year-old LeAnn is married with five children and five stepchildren (who live with their grandmother). She has a Master’s degree in business administration but can […]

Our vote is our power

by Mikka Macdonald

Representative John Lewis once said, “The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.”  Every day, communities […]

Will Latino’s Turnout to Vote This Year?

by Thomas Kennedy

With only days left until the midterm election is finally over, one question lingers in the minds of Democratic operatives working in battleground states across the country. Will Latino turnout […]

Underserved communities find no relief as water rates increase

by Jiquanda Johnson

Tia Simpson stood in front of nearly 40 journalists pleading her case for clean and affordable water. The 34-year-old Flint resident endured the aftermath of being exposed to the city’s […]

Voices of Everyday Leaders

by Bobbi Dempsey

PA Group Strives to Bust Myths About SNAP—and People Who Use It Lisa Raditz cringes when she overhears some of the comments people make about SNAP recipients based on common […]

En la Florida los votantes estan activos por Gillum

by Elizabeth Nazarett

En la Florida los votantes estan bien activos. Este 6 de noviembre muchos dicen que van a unir el voto por Andrew Gillum para gobernador. Dicen que van a votar […]

Supporting Food Entrepreneurs for Equity and Stronger Communities

by Christen Hill

We can strengthen our communities by creating food systems that create new jobs and businesses through the people living here. DREAM (Dreaming Out Loud’s Ready for Entrepreneurship Accelerator Modules) is […]

They didn’t vote in the primaries, but with Gillum, they are now inspired to vote

by Topacio Marrero

There has been much excitement in the state of Florida involving the 2018 primaries and its candidates. For example, in Broward County, it was estimated more than 23.5 percent of […]

It’s time lawmakers listened: Access to clean water is a human right

by Mikka Macdonald

A few weeks ago, a contestant in the Miss America contest made headlines when she introduced herself by saying, “From the state with 84 percent of the United States’ fresh […]

Column: Voices of Everyday Leaders

by Wandra Green

I, like so many Americans of my era, believed… After 12 and a half years in an often stress-filled role as an associate director in public relations at a local […]

The hourly reality of life on a ‘living wage’

by Catherine Bugayong

I am one of the 7.6 million Americans who has to work multiple jobs. I work three jobs so that I can meet my living expenses, pay bills, have health […]

We Are Called to Deeply Listen to Those Impacted by Police Violence

by Nissa Tzun

Hearing families who have been impacted by police violence speak is always a transformative and powerful experience for me. While I have been working with impacted families since 2009, the […]

Gillum will protect Floridians’ access to health care

by Elizabeth Nazarett

Gillum will protect Floridians’ access to health care Health care is a top priority for Florida voters this November. We all know someone who has health concerns—and every day we […]

Trump’s “public charge” rule puts immigrant families at risk

by Mikka Macdonald

In early October, the Trump administration proposed changes to the “public charge” rule which would prevent immigrants on the path to citizenship who use some government benefits from gaining permanent […]

Colin Kaepernick, Christine Blasey Ford, and the America’s Bad Conscience

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

In recent weeks, two Americans galvanized media attention for their bravery, taking  stances that inspired gratitude and support for their causes. Neither is a politician or has run for public […]

Column: Voices of Everyday Leaders

by Tomicka Robinson

Why we vote I’ve been asked a lot lately “why I knock on doors” to encourage people to vote. Mainly because of my background in social justice work. I’ve used […]

There’s Too Much On the Line to Skip This Election

by Elizabeth Fernandez

With so much at stake in this election, in Florida and across the nation, voting this November is critical. That’s why former First Lady Michelle Obama visited the University of […]

Congress continues to put our health care at risk

by Mikka Macdonald

Last year, cancer patient and Nevada resident Laura Packard asked her U.S. Senator why he was willing to sacrifice her life for corporate tax breaks. In a public event in […]

Voices of Everyday Leaders

by Melissa Chadburn

The work of community organizers is daunting. Late nights. Endless knocking on doors. Rallies and protests to protect our healthcare, ensure we all have enough food to eat and keep […]

Hay que Votar por Nuestra Salud

by Elizabeth Nazarett

Vivir diez años sin poder tener un seguro de salud fue realmente difícil. Durante ese tiempo, y como madre soltera con un salario modesto, debí escoger entre darle techo y […]

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