A Bus Tour, Full of Stories and Strength

by Emily Gelbaum | March 5, 2013 12:00 am

Last week, the National Keeping Families Together Bus Tour launched from Chicago, IL carrying families and individuals directly impacted by the current immigration system. The bus riders are calling on legislators and the American public to support just and humane immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship and keeps families together.

These incredible events are happening all across the US, from Florida to Arizona. The strong and determined families on this tour will visit and tell their stories of family separation in over 90 cities, traveling through 19 states, touching 38 US Senators and over 100 Congressional District throughout the country. These families from all over the country will then travel to Washington DC on March 13th for a National Culmination Event to tell their stories directly to members of Congress, representing thousands of families that are being separated everyday by the broken immigration system.

These families are the faces of this country and its imperative need for comprehensive immigration reform. Their stories are the stories of immigrants and families arriving and living in the United States since this country’s founding. They are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and husbands and wives, and they will give everything they have to stay together. And every brother, sister, mother, father, husband and wife who is touched by this Bus Tour and hears their stories of love and determination will be compelled to join them in their fight.

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