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Voices Of Everyday Leaders

by Maya Boddie

…to Three, which will enable child care providers (mostly women of color and low-income) in Washington, D.C. to be paid, and allow for all households to have access to childcare,…

Growing Up Poor in America Was My Political Education

by Michael Jackson

…on his Naval career. Suddenly, at the age of 30, she had to provide for two young children with minimal support, outdated career skills suited for typewriters, and a ten-year…

What Happens When You Can’t Afford Self-care

by Stephanie Land

…the very basics such as feeding yourself, showering, and attending to medical issues—that is, keeping yourself alive. One website,, has a checklist of self-care activities. But only 10 out…

Health and Wealth – Women and Self-Care

by Loryn Wilson

…Audre Lorde said that self-care is a revolutionary act. Taking care of yourself is an important part of self-love and self-preservation. It also ensures that you can be a better…

Here’s why America is talking about Universal Child Care

by Marisol Bello

…families access great care and provide fair wages for child care workers. Evidence shows that this conversation is actually way overdue: The inability to find excellent, affordable child care is…

Early childhood educators, families ask DC Mayor to make high-quality child care for kids under 3 a priority

by Maya Boddie

…families don’t have to worry about choosing between rent and child care, and for child care providers to be able to afford care for their own children. “We’re not talking…

Want to win in 2020? Focus on child care!

by Carmella Salinas and Tameka Ramsey

…Child Care for Working Families Act by Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Bobby Scott to guarantee affordable child care and upgrade the quality of care. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent…

We need Presidential candidates to detail their commitment to achieving quality, affordable and culturally relevant child care for all families

by Danielle Atkinson

…the primary caregivers; without access to child care, women face the challenge of getting higher wages, securing a new job or advancing in their careers.   Additionally, approximately two million adults,…

The Fight for Quality, Accessible Child Care is a Fight for Women’s Equality

by Wendi C. Thomas

…director of the Federation of Child Care Centers of Alabama (FOCAL). From the mothers who rely on child care for the daily care of their children, to the child care

Caring for our loved ones is a key issue in this year’s elections in Michigan

by Mike Griffin

care or help to pay for child care is not the government’s responsibility. Colback was careful to not explicitly suggest that women should stay home, but that is the obvious…

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