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Americans Are Ready to Make Housing for All a Reality

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

…right and demand a change. It’ll be our promise to future generations that we hold value and deserve dignity.   Darryl Lorenzo Wellington is a Communications Fellow at Community Change

Becoming Civically Engaged

by Topacio Marrero

…the New Florida Majority. There, we are a group of like-minded people discussing community issues and work together on finding solutions with community members. Being a part of these groups…

End the militarization of police and use of force against people, just like Barr wrongly did

by Community Change Action

…Gray. All Black individuals who were assassinated by police forces without consequences. Community Change was born into the heartbreak that followed the death of Kennedy as his living legacy to…

Afro-Dominicans Dismantling Anti-Blackness

by Topacio Marrero

…I’m proud to see my community joining together to demand change. I can’t say I feel the same pride when I enter certain Dominican spaces. Time and time again I’m…

the Other Pandemic

by Maya Boddie

…a mental health crisis, the community knew then that the need for change was urgent. Now, the popular downtown Richmond intersection where the towering Robert E. Lee statue stands, was…

The Lynching Era Still Isn’t Over

by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

…hands until we pass an anti-lynching bill and re-imagine what public safety looks like for all of us.   Darryl Lorenzo Wellington is a Communications Fellow at Community Change.  …

Introducing The Flag of US

by Sharisse Tracey

…flag kept us divided and that’s why we continue to fall. Let us present, so all Americans can truly represent, The Flag of Us. By Community Change fellow Sharisse Tracey…

Florida Parents Distressed About School Reopening

by Topacio Marrero

…organizations, like Community Change, are demanding $100 billion investment in child care–it’s the type of bold solution we need to get through these tough times. There are still many parents…

How the murder of George Floyd has given rebirth to our nation

by Sharisse Tracey

…From the look and sounds of the protesters, I don’t think this public outcry for change will stop anytime soon. Change is never easy but in most cases it is…

“They’re killing me. I can’t breathe.”

by Sharisse Tracey

…mask. Juxtaposed with a nearby neighborhood of Hasidic Jewish people gathered by the hundreds, many unmasked for a funeral to bury a beloved member of their community who received a…

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