$40, Why It Is Important

by Donna DeLaCruz | December 22, 2011 3:42 am

Because it's the holiday season, my son Alex came to work today. And he got to come on a very special trip– to see the President argue for a payroll tax cut extension and extension of unemployment insurance. Here are his reactions to the President's speech. 

Many people are on a budget and $40 is a lot of money to them.
$40 can change the world. $40 will buy important things like groceries, gasoline, healthy foods, and needed medicine.
I listened to President Obama speak today and he said an overwhelming number of Democrats and Republicans agree that $40 is important and it should not be taken out of your paycheck.
But a small group of people don’t think $40 is a lot, or understand why it’s important to us.
This week, already 30,000 people have written to the White House about how $40 affects them and their family. They all said $40 is very important and they don’t want it taken from their paycheck.
$40 would be important to all Americans to get more savings for homes, to buy clothes, do fun activities, go to sports programs, for healthcare, and donations for the hungry.
$40 means families can have fun nights out and helps you with your holiday shopping.
$40 could be used for school supplies like pencils and books for education.
That’s why $40 is so important.
I hope that people get to keep that $40.

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